ॐ ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ।। १ ।।

The entire moving world and indeed every particle is an integrated part of the whole. 
Enjoy it but don’t infringe on the rights of anybody else to do the same. 
Enjoy it but only in the spirit of sharing. 
The world is a gift of creation; remember it is not your property. 
The entire material world and intelligent world of life is interdependent. 
That which effects you effects the entire system. 
Enjoy the world and respect the right of all existence. 
Never forget your responsibility while you live and enjoy. 
Follow the path of selfless respect and responsibility to all life. 
Be happy and liberated from oppression and suppression of self-expression.
We are not the master of the world merely the guardian, so we can use and enjoy it as a gift.



Acharya Balkrishnaji, Swami Ramdevji, Prashant Brahmbhatt

Patanjali YogPeeth Phase 1, 19th December 2017 to build Eco Villages




Global Interactive Village Environment

Scand Indian Sustainable Solutions    

Dome Village Lombok

Through the construction of Eco-domes, made mainly with compacted soil and lime stone, we are pushing boundaries in sustainable housing construction without neglecting quality and comfort. The building site is an innovative testing ground for implementing new techniques of creating and maintaining human accommodation.Earth Dome Resort Lombok a true sustainable Eco Village design

CSP Cleanergy AB Sweden 2015URC Construction viewing Stockholm City expansion plans September 2015

(LEFT) Renewable Energy Solutions from CSP Cleanergy AB Sweden 2015

               (RIGHT) Sustainable Urban Development opportunity in Stockholm City expansion plans September 2015

G.I.V.E. Centre of Excellence
The Global Interactive Village Environment (G.I.V.E. Village) will in a practical way provide and inspire the use of technological and sustainable social solutions. By doing this we aim to introduce an alternative eco village lifestyle and showcase technologies and processes that will make the rural eco lifestyle attractive for environmentally aware city dwellers thus reducing the accelerating urbanization, the growth of slum dwelling, urban poverty, the unsatisfactory sanitary conditions in semi urban and traditional rural village environments.
GIVE Scandinavia project development team


Sweden India delegaition August 2015
Collaboration for Sustainable Ecological Development meeting at Indian Embassy Stockholm
Hosted by Ambassador Banashri Bose-Harrison
CM Narendra Modi with Swedish Delegation Vibrant Gujarat 2013
CM Narendra Modi with Prashant Brahmbhatt and Swedish Delegation Vibrant Gujarat 2013
Left to Right:
Jonas PhilipsonCharlotte AnderssonJan RydenasHenrik Malmros, Georg SvenssonNarendra ModiGöran Spaxes, Chandrashekar,  Rikard GustafsonZartab Haider JafriAnn-Marie NäslundTorben Hedlund, Nirav Mahadeviya, Samuel AndreassonPrashant Brahmbhatt